Dickens spiffs up

Dickens ends his week with a trip to the groomer and boy does he look even more beautiful now!  He also now has his own name tag.  Looking good!

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3 Responses to Dickens spiffs up

  1. Reina says:

    OMG!!! What a handsome boy!!! Dickens you are so beautiful. Did you like the groomer? Bath? clip and cut? We love you looking out the window“WHAT A SMART BOY“`~~~like your name tag too…Our Teddybear, Lexi, and Cooper would love one just like it.
    Hugz~~Reina & Robin & Barry~n pups.

    • zac says:

      Got a bath. No cut, just a little trim around the eyes. My person wants to let my hair grow some. The tag came from Petco. I look out the front window from time-to-time, but in that shot my personal photographer helped with the pose. –Dickens

      • Reina says:

        Oh I see…You mean your Mommy wants your hair to grow some!
        You are just too cute for words and you pose very well.
        Want to meet you soon.
        Hugz, Reina, Robin, Barry

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