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When people hear you are a photographer, their first question always seems to be, “what kind of photography do you do?” To me photography has always been the capture of a moment in time. That can be said of all photography. I got my first camera and took my first photography class at age 16. It quickly became a passion that has stayed with me throughout a 3-decade long career in broadcast news. In that time I have taken all kinds of photos. When I think about what “kind” of photos I shoot, the common theme is shooting what I see, not imagining a photo and creating it to make a picture.

Perhaps because I am a journalist and a photographer, I shoot events to document the story and when I shoot the casual family portrait, I try to capture the relationships. My photographs are available for sale and I am available for assignment work.


Following a distinguished career at NBC News Ms. Zacuto took early retirement in 2007 to pursue photojournalism, nature, stock and model photography as a second career.

While at NBC Ms. Zacuto produced news stories for all NBC News broadcasts including Nightly News, Today, and MSNBC. She produced profiles of newsmakers such as Bill Gates and traveled on assignment all over the world to cover breaking news and in-depth stories. She coordinated coverage of three Olympics for NBC News and covered several political campaigns, including traveling with then Governor Bill Clinton during his first Presidential campaign. She planned and supervised coverage of a number of special assignments including the Michael Jackson trial, the disappearance of Elisabeth Smart and Chandra Levy and the capture and prosecution of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. Nina Zacuto is a pioneer in broadcast news coverage of the Internet, digital technology and multimedia newsgathering. She also coordinated NBC News environmental coverage, including the “Assignment Earth” series.

Before her tenure at NBC News, Ms. Zacuto worked for seven years in local broadcast news in Los Angeles at KNXT, now KCBS Channel 2 and KHJ, now KCAL Channel 9. Before that, she was an associate editor of a light aircraft aviation magazine and a researcher. Directly after graduation from California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo she spent a year in VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America, where her degree in Journalism helped to bring attention to impoverished communities in Dallas, Texas. She is currently a member of the Board of JAWS – Journalism and Women Symposium.