Journalism&Women Symposium annual gathering

There was a record turnout for this year’s Journalism and Woman Symposium (JAWS) meeting in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico late last month.  The group is a great way to meet with new people and old friends for some education and fun.  We had two excellent speakers this year Kesha Gaskins from the Brennan Center for Justice spoke about the current controversies around voter ID laws and Gloria Steinem, author and political activist shared her theories on the current Republican Party and the ramifications of a Republican win in the upcoming elections.  She’d been out campaigning for  President Obama and doubtless was happy about the outcome of the elections.

I seem to have become the unofficial JAWS photographer, and as I do each year I have put together a slideshow of camp memories.

2012 JAWS group photoSlideshow link



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2012 Maxpackers

Maxpackers,  a group of friends who do an annual camping trip in the Pacific Northwest every September, was a little different this year.  We met this time at a friend’s beach house in Long Island, Washington and camped out throughout the house.  Over the years most all of the children who have been part of the group have gone off to their own lives, but this year we had a couple of young ones which were lots of fun.

At the end of the weekend I rode along with my friend Chuck as he returned his boat to Portland.

Here are some of the memories from the trip.

Maxpacker group photo


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The Rock – Saturday March 17.

They have been working on the installation for a week.  Today I was out with Dickens for our daily walk and the Point and Shoot.  Got some shots to update the progress and then played with the images in Lightroom to see if there was a way to make photos of a big rock in a construction site look interesting.

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A well-groomed dog

Dickens portrait


A day at the groomers is a perfect excuse for a new photo.  Dickens is so used to the camera that he sits where I tell him and poses for an entire session.  I can change lights, lens and even put new batteries in the flash unit, no problem.  He waits patiently.

He is the best!

Meantime in post, I was playing with the OnOne Photo Effects software.  This photo has a cracked paint texture added as a background and then in photoshop I added a canvas texture.  Before that I used paint daubs and dry brush to the the painting effect.




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China photo with OnOne software

Morning exercise

West Lake in Hanghou, China is a perfect place for morning exercise.

I haven’t been good about posting photos from my August trip to China.

Today I was trying out the latest version of OnOne’s Perfect Suite which works with Photoshop and Lightroom or as a standalone program and I decided to try a composite of these people exercising in a open pagoda on the bank of West Lake with the Lotus field that was right beside the pagoda.  I like the effect.


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