Catherine O’Neill – a life ended too soon

This is sad.  It is especially difficult to learn since I had just been thinking about her.  (See post below – Then and Now.)   Found this notice on Kevin Roderick’s LA Observed website.  He posted it December 31, 2012 4:54 PM:

“I’m catching up on some locally prominent deaths I’ve missed during the holiday slowdown.”

“Catherine O’Neill, 70, was co-founder of the the Women’s  Commission for Refugee Women and Children, and before that a California political activist who ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for Secretary of State and twice for the state Senate.”

“She also had been director of the United Nations Information Center in Washington and editorial director at KFWB here. O’Neill died at UCLA of complications from cancer, her husband, the journalist Richard Reeves, said. “She ran for office because she wanted to get things done,” said Kathleen Brown, the former California state treasurer. “It wasn’t about the power. Something would tick her off.” LAT, NYT, Women’s Refugee Commission.”

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