LA Times Book Festival Photos

LA Times columnist Steve Lopez and Father Gregory Boyle. Photo by Nina Zacuto

Went to the LA Times Book Festival Sunday, May 1 and  took a few photos  during a couple of panels we attended.   LA Times columnist Steve Lopez interviewed Father Gregory Boyle, who works with the successful Homeboy project in Los Angeles and has a new book about about it.  He talked about the fact that he has just this week buried his 175th gang or former gang kid.

The other panel was about Los Angeles mystery or crime writers and the panel included former OJ prosecutor Marcia Clark, who has a new book out, which is the first of a series she is doing about a – you guested it – LA District Attorney.

It was an interesting day.

I shot these using an ISO of 1250 and 1600.  They don’t look too bad with Lightroom noise reduction and sharpening.

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